Friday, July 29, 2016

New Faces, New Stand for Pottstown School Board

Ryan Regensburg, new middle
school assistant principal
Deena Cellini, new
Human Resources Director
Pottstown School Board held only one meeting in July and it was on Thursday. The board approved the personnel changes, hirings
and resignations usual for this time of year.

More significantly, the board also unanimously passed -- FINALLY! -- the LERTA tax break resolution allowing that initiative to finally be put to bed and -- hopefully -- encourage some investment in Pottstown.

The board also passed a resolution calling for fewer high-stakes standardized tests, and less dependence upon them.

An interesting discussion began to develop regarding The Hill School's free use of the meadow at Edgewood Elementary School for parking for an event for which they charged.

As the fact that if The Hill paid taxes it would be Pottstown's largest taxpayer and the collegial partnership which has blossomed between The Hill and the school district was discussed, School Board President Kim Stilwell cut off discussion.

This despite the fact that the conversation sprang up under a discussion about asking trax-exempt landowners like The Hill to consider making a PILOT -- Payment in Lieu of Taxes -- which was on the discussion for purposes of "discussion."

Stilwell said she wanted to "keep to the agenda."

Well, such is the power of the board president.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting:

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