Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Buses, School Zone Speeding and Weed(s)

I won't lie, we are in the middle of the summer doldrums, and frankly, news can be hard to come by.

That said, there were a few items of note during Monday night's meeting of the board of supervisors, not the least of which was Supervisor Fred Ziegler's colorful expressions.

At one point in the meeting he agreed that weeds along East Philadelphia Avenue in Gilbertsville had grown so high, the former township police chief said "that I could probably grow marijuana and no one would notice."

He further suggested that parents upset about drivers speeding on Second Street while Junior High students are walking to school throw rocks at the speeding cars.

He also suggested parking a police car, with "a dummy" inside be parked in the vicinity to slow speeders.

Nevertheless, cooler heads prevailed and the police promised to look into what they could do.

Aside from complaints about weeds and speeding, no doubt the topic of the evening was the ever-so-slowly-unfolding plans for the one-again, off-again Quigley bus terminal.

For four years, Quigley Bus Service Inc. has struggled to meet conditions and deadlines set by the township for the development of a parcel bounded by Swamp Creek, Schlegel and Middle Creek roads.

That location is considered central to servicing the far-flung district that is 100 square miles.

In February, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to reject another of many extensions requests that have been made by the company since if first received zoning approval in 2012.

But, as township Solicitor Robert Brant explained, Quigley filed an appeal in court and the township and bus company are now trying to settle matters and agree on traffic statistics so the project can move forward without more involvement by the courts.

But several residents said the folks who live in that area are unlikely to welcome the construction and bus traffic the project will bring.

You can hear everything they have to say in the videos embedded below.

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