Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two Municipal Meetings for the Price of One

When you follow the Digital Notebook blog, you get all kinds of municipal
coverage value for your payment of zero dollars.

And today is just that kind of day.

Not only do we bring you the doings of the Douglass (Mont.) Township Supervisors where very little of consequence happened, but we then doubled down and bring you much the same thing from Upper Pottsgrove Township's board of commissioners.

I arrived a bit late and the Douglass supervisors, minus Fred Ziegler who was home due to a reaction among his medications, were already up ro Chief Rick Smith's fire report.

But perhaps the most interesting item at the meeting was the complaints from some lively senior citizens about kids playing street hockey on Spruce Street.

It was much the same down Gilbertsville Road in Upper Pottsgrove.

Having arrived about an hour into the meeting, and about the most interesting thing the Digital Notebook team witnessed was some preliminary discussion about using solar power for the new highway garage

The commissioners also adopted a new peddler/solicitor ordinance that will now require veterans to obtain the license, but will not charge them the application fee once they have proven to the township staff's satisfaction that they are indeed veterans.

With that said, here are the Tweets:

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