Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Prayer, Graduation and the Law in Pottsgrove

Photo by Evan Brandt
A Pottsgrove School Board member's view of last night's special meeting on whether to continue to allow prayer at the high school graduation.

It's hard to know where to start when writing about last night's school board meeting.

Things started off pretty civilly, people quoted the Constitution, the Bible, the founding fathers; rules of conduct were set up and largely followed; three high school students were among the most well-spoken speakers of the night.

It began with embattled School Board President Rick Rabinowitz making a statement, which I've posted here:

Many other people spoke, and their comments as reproduced roughly in Tweets and some video, can be seen in the Storify down below.

But then, after nearly three hours of civil conversation, what Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner France Krazalkovich called "a marvelous civics lesson," or something to that effect, the personal attacks began.

The first came from resident Danielle Walsh, whose comments about School Board President Rick Rabinowitz's handling of this issue required interruption from the chair -- and obscene shouting from the audience.

Here is some video from that: (Be warned, there are some naughty words)

I don't have any more video, and deadline loomed.

But as it turns out, after I left things got a little dicey again, with school board member Patricia Grimm calling on Rabinowitz to resign.

I don't know much more than that, but isn't that enough for one meeting?

Anyway, here are the Tweets, helpful links and all the videos:

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