Monday, June 13, 2016

Garden Contest Now Includes Boyertown Too

An entry in the "Container Garden" category of last year's Home Garden Contest

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Mosaic Community Land Trust.

The MOSAIC Community Land Trust brings you the Home Garden Contest for its fourth year and you should sign up soon, because it ends on June 17.

Click here to enter. 

The contest continues to get bigger and better every year.

Last year, all of Pottstown borough was eligible to participate and this year so is all of Boyertown borough.

A combined $5,500 in cash prizes will be awarded to winners along with certificates.

This contest is for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

There are seven categories for children, adults, flowers, vegetables and more. Anyone with space can plant; homeowners and renters.

Categories are: 

Junior Garden

Calling all children and young adults aged 18 and younger, the garden can be a container garden, planted in the ground, or raised bed.

It can be a garden to enhance your property, produce food and/or flowers, or meant to attract beneficial insects.

Registration forms need to include the age/ages of the children entered.

*Grand Prize: $100; 2nd Prize: $75; 3rd Prize: $50;Honorable Mention: $25 

Pizza Garden

(Open to all ages, but primarily targeted to children and families)

Pizza Night just took on a whole new meaning!

Grow a garden that sprouts all of your favorite pizza ingredients.

This could really change the nutrition of your Friday night pizza and tone your muscles at the same time! (note: other plants may also be in the garden)

*Grand Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $150; 3rd Prize: $100; Honorable Mention: $50

Bees & Butterflies Garden

(Specific niche type of garden, open to all ages)

Welcome new friends to your backyard.

Plant an inviting garden that attracts bees, butterflies and other critters who pollinate the plants.

*Grand Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $150; 3rd Prize: $100; Honorable Mention: $50

"Everything But the Kitchen Sink" Garden

(Open to all ages)

Is your thumb a pale shade of green?

Spruce up your front, back, or side yard by beautifying your property and neighborhood with a garden that has decorative objects and other non-vegetative items.

*Grand Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $150; 3rd Prize: $100; Honorable Mention: $50

Grocery Garden

(Open to all ages)

Clean up (healthily) on Aisle 9!

Create a garden that blossoms with delicious fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers.

 *Grand Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $150; 3rd Prize: $100; Honorable Mention: $50

"A Lot with a Little" Garden

(Open to all ages)

Are you an inexperienced, new gardener and/or a renter or homeowner with limited space?

If so, get growing with a small container, planter or window box.Size doesn’t matter! It is the content, design, and care that counts.

*Grand Prize: $200; 2nd Prize: $150; 3rd Prize: $100; Honorable Mention: $50

(CLICK HERE to learn about container gardening.)

General Garden

(Open to all ages)

Beautify the world in which we live in, starting with your own property.

It can include shrubs, trees, flowers, herbs & vegetables, and container grown plants.

*Certificate of Recognition awarded.

Don't miss out on your chance to win this year! Applications are being accepted to enter the 2016 Home Garden Contest.

Like the MOSAIC Community Land Trust Facebook page for instant updates about the contest.

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