Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sanatoga Green Zoning Hearing Held

Photo by Evan Brandt
A plan for the lay-out of Sanatoga Green superimposed over an aerial photo.

No decisions were made,

In fact rulings on the six variances sought by developer of a massive project opposite the Limerick Outlets will probably not come until July or later.

But Tuesday night's hearing before the Lower Pottsgrove Zoning Hearing board was an important stepping stone for the project, called Sanatoga Green.

At its most basic, the mixed-use proposal on three parcels comprising 51 acres off Evergreen Road would construct a 60,000 square foot medical office building, a hotel of 100 rooms or more.

The project also calls for 166 three-bedroom townhouses, and 343 two- and three-bedroom apartments in 20 buildings, for a total of 5089 residential units, or, as audience member Charles Nippert put it, 1,184 bedrooms.

The site plan for Sanatoga Green
The variances sought were almost entirely dimensional, seeking smaller side yard and rear-yard set-backs, as well as variances from the percentage of smaller townhouses and apartments which attorney Frank Bartle argued would not be supported by market conditions.

The developers also negotiated a $100,000 donation to the township, as well as a 70-foot-wide buffer strip, in exchange for the township's support of a variance seeking permission to ignore zoning requirements for open space and recreation facilities.

The buffer strip is between the apartments and Sanatoga Park and the idea is that with a township park so close, it would be redundant to have the developers build recreation facilities. Better to provide funds to the township to improve the town park next door.

A few of the 18 audience members raised questions about stormwater, and a planned access road, but on the whole few questions were raised.

At the developer's request, the requirement for a zoning decision in 45 days was waived to allow for a map amendment to be entered into the record.

A decision is not expected before the 19 meeting of the zoning board, and perhaps after.

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