Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Rewards of Being Good at Rupert School

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District

Rupert Elementary School recently they held a Mid-Year Caught Being Good Prize Give Away.

When students are caught being good at Rupert, their teachers place a ticket with their name in a large bin and then names are drawn to receive prizes. 

"This was a great way to acknowledge all of the outstanding work of our students," said Principal Matt Moyer. "We are planning a second large prize drawing in June."

Superintendent Jeff Sparagana, who attended the assembly, said "It was indeed my pleasure to visit Rupert classrooms and interact with students and staff."

Sparagana added, "I was also fortunate to be in attendance for Rupert's Positive Behavior Support afternoon assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to acknowledge students who were 'caught being good.' The assembly was an energy charged experience where Principal Matt Moyer and the Rupert staff recognized students who were caught being good and qualified for a raffle of prizes such as: numerous gift cards, educational games, classroom helper for the day, a ride to class on the principals chair for a day and a spectacular ride to school on a fire truck courtesy of the Phillies Fire Company."

Concluded Sparagana, "It was an excellent way to close out the day at Rupert. Congratulations to principal Moyer and the Rupert school community for, as always 'placing students first.'"

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