Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rossi Resigns, Pottsgrove High School Cost Overruns

As is often the case these days with the Pottsgrove School Board, the most newsworthy item at their meeting was the very last.

John Rossi
It was the rumored resignation of board member John Rossi, who has been on the board since May of 2014.

I contacted Rossi Monday to see if he wanted to confirm the resignation and get into his reasons a bit, but he demurred and said I would find out when everyone else did.

That was about 10:10 p.m. Tuesday night.

Consequently, this post may feel a bit rushed.

Here is video of his comments regarding his resignation:

You can check out the story in today's Mercury for more on the consequences of his resignation.

Other topics of interest under discussion included board member Al Leach's sudden realization that there is sometimes controversy surrounding artificial turf fields and his request to look into changing the under layer for increased safety.

That work begins next week and the rest of the board decided they feel comfortable with the plans as they are.

The administration also revealed some change orders for the high school project, including more money for the artificial turf field and Finance Director Dave Nester said cost-overruns are now higher than anticipated and the board may not have borrowed enough money last fall to cover all the costs.

The administration also asked for an additional $42,000 for new office furniture in the district office and guidance suite. The board balked and the issue remains unresolved.

You can find specifics of the discussion amid the Tweets below and, most likely, in future Mercury stories.

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