Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Out of 11 Applicants , New Hanover Supervisors Chose Only Woman to Apply to Replace Muller

Photo by Evan Brandt

Phil Agliano, vice chairman of the New Hanover Supervisors,
congratulates Marie Livelsberger on her selection
as the newest township supervisor.
From a surprisingly long list of 11 candidates to replace Doug Muller on the board of supervisors, the remaining board members Monday chose the only woman to apply.

Marie Livelsberger, who two years ago worked for the township and is on New Hanover's Board of Auditors, was their unanimous choice.

The North Charlotte Street resident, who now works in the human resources department at the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District, said she wants to give back to the community in which she has lived for 40 years.

Livelsberger didn't get the appoint without some confusion, as it became apparent during the special meeting held Monday that the application and resume of one of the applicants, Jim Butler, was never provided to the supervisors.

Luckily for Jim Butler, he attended the meeting and alerted the supervisors to the oversight.

Attendance at the meeting was a strong selling point for some of the supervisors, but resident Celeste
Other than a notice in the Town & Country, this sign was the only
public notice of a special meeting held Monday to choose
a new township supervisor to replace Doug Muller. 
Bish pointed out to the board that a notice in the Town and Country newspaper was the only way anyone would have known to be there in the first place.

"What if they don't subscribe to Town and Country?" Bish asked.

She pointed out that the special meeting was not posted on the township web site and, as Supervisor Andrew Kelly noted, the township did not reach out to those who applied to let them know about the meeting.

Nevertheless, the supervisors moved forward, partially by process of elimination, and partially by stating their preference.

The vote to appoint Livelsberger was unanimous.

It was unclear to this reporter, who had to dash off to a Pottstown School Board meeting, if the supervisors also chose to re-organize and name a new chairman Monday night or not, given that one supervisor, Charles D. Garner Jr., could not be present for the regular meeting.

Anyway, here are the Tweets from the roughly hour-long special meeting.

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