Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Solicitor Roulette, Now in Douglass (Mont.)

If you blinked, sneezed or snuck out to the little reporter's room Monday night, there's a good chance you would have missed the Douglass Township Supervisor's meeting.

Not only did they start a little early, unusual as that is, but by 7:15 p.m., which is often when they get around to starting, they were finished.

Notice, I am not complaining.

But don't mistake brevity for absence of news.

In that short span of time, the supervisors acted quickly to accept the long-rumored resignation of Township Solicitor Paul Bauer, and replaced him with the township's "conflict council," Robert Brant and Associates.

If all of that seems a little familiar, that's because that's exactly what happened in January in neighboring New Hanover Township, where Bauer resigned as solicitor and Brant -- who handles the township's Gibraltar Quarry litigation, stepped in temporarily.

But Brant's appointment in New Hanover it "interim," although the supervisors there are taking their time in choosing a replacement.

No such problem in Douglass, where Brant's appointment at the same rate as Bauer -- $135 per hour -- occurred with no discussion, closed-door or otherwise.

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