Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Traffic, Grants, Bus Depots and Open Space

Photo by Evan Brandt
Layout of the proposed 40-unit development of the 85-acre Donnelly tract, off Middle Creek Road and Congo Road in Douglass (Mont.) Township.

Traffic, developments that can generate traffic, bus depots that could generate traffic and grants to study and deal with traffic all were the primary topics of discussion at Monday night's Douglass (Mont.) Supervisors meeting.

Montgomery County planner Maggie Dobbs outlined a broad array of grants for which the township could apply, one of which could help improve Route 73, but not in terms of accommodating the increased traffic threatened from a giant, 208-acre, 760-home proposal in neighboring New Hanover.

A grant program administered  by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission could probably not be used to study the broader traffic impact of that proposal, as was being considered by the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Committee, of which both Douglass and New Hanover are members, she said.

It might possibly be used to fund at least part of the Act 209 traffic impact fee study the township is now undertaking.

And its too soon to know how much traffic a 44-lot development proposal on the 85-acre Donnelly tract off Middle Creek and Congo roads would develop, seeing as its not likely to be built before 2017, according to the developer.

What is known is that about 80 percent of the project will be dedicated open space, adjacent to the 40-acre Libor tract already owned by the township.

And it remains to be seen if any traffic will be generated by the proposed Quigley Bus Company depot off Schlegel and Middle Creek roads.

That's because the supervisors declined to act on a request to reconsider the denial they issued last month.

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