Tuesday, March 15, 2016

LED Streetlights and Raises at Council Monday

It was a short Monday night, but a whole lot of things got resolved.

First and foremost was the settling of a contract with the borough's AFSCME workers.

You can read all about that on the front page of The Mercury today.

But there was also a lengthy presentation on how the borough could afford to replace all its streetlights with energy efficient LED lights. We broadcast that presentation on live video via the Periscope app, with a Twitter link.

Did any of you see it?

Well, we saved it and posted it to YouTube (and linked it in below) if you're curious. Videos posted on Periscope, I recently discovered, are automatically  deleted after 24 hours.

Council also approved a half-dozen cultural events over the next few months -- many of them with BEER!

It also seems that Pottstown's perennially unpopular buses are getting more popular after all. Ridership is up on PART buses.

You can read all about in the Tweets, links and videos below.

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