Thursday, March 10, 2016

Catching Christmas Burglars & Other Borough News

Surprisingly Good Photo by Evan Brandt
Two police chiefs, Pottstown Chief Rick Drumheller, left, and Lower Pottsgrove Chief Mike Foltz, right, with Pottstown Police Cpl. Steve Hatfield and Sgt. Ed Kropp Jr. representing the Pottstown force that helped Lower Pottsgrove catch burglars who had stolen gifts from underneath a Christmas Tree on Ivy Lane.

Although the story I will most likely write first out of Wednesday night's Pottstown Borough Council work session is the ongoing debate of the future of the Pottstown Human Relations Commission, I cannot resist here pumping up the tires on a great police story.

Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Mike Foltz, a class act if ever I saw one, came to the council meeting to thank his Pottstown peers for their overwhelming response to a distraction burglary on Ivy Lane on Dec. 22 2015, during which Grinch-like thieves stole gifts from under a homeowner's Christmas tree.

The thieves fled into the borough and, with a call, Pottstown's finest swarmed the location and caught both suspects.

It's a holiday story in March!

Now, like I did at the Pottsgrove School Board meeting Tuesday night, I also shot some live video, this time of the Mayor's Report, which I have previously recorded and then laboriously uploaded on You Tube.

If you missed it, you can still see it on Periscope by clicking the link among the Tweets below.

Speaking of which, here they are:

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