Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Budgets, Graduations and a Smidgen of Grammar

The  new "Arts and Athletics Entrance" to Pottsgrove High School has a nice feel to it.

Tuesday night, the Pottsgrove School Board engaged a fairly lengthy agenda on subjects that ranged from high school construction, to Keystone Exams, to graduation requirements to class rank to the budget.

That menu would be enough to stop any calorie watcher cold, but to their credit, they moved through things at a brisk pace, giving items a fair amount of discussion without dwelling too much on one subject.

It strikes me, for what that's worth, that the new members of the board are starting to get a feel for how things work and where their mojo is best put to use.

That said, I would never want it said that I delayed you from the fascinating Tweets of last night's meeting, so without further ado.

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