Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Capitol Showing by Pottstown School Musicians

The Pottstown School District musicians who graced the halls of the Capitol building in Harrisburg last week.

Well, some of you might have expected to find a post here about yesterday's Pottstown High School Jazz Band performance at West Chester University.

You would be wrong, and not just because we like to surprise you -- which we do.

Because yes, while the expansive Digital Notebook video squad was on hand, and did broadcast it live (to two viewers as it turns out), the team lamely failed to save it to their iPhone.

So if you're reading this Sunday morning, you can find the link on Evan Brandt's Twitter feed (@PottstownNews) and hear the performance for the next few hours.

But after that, it's gone forever. 

Flute ensemble.
This is all the more regrettable since their performance was, according to the video team, the Jazz band's best to date.

Rest assured, the team has been severely reprimanded and had their pay cut by two-thirds.

But the blog must go on, and so we move on to plan B, made possible by the ever-productive John Armato, who sent along another chapter of Pottstown's exemplary music program, complete with photos:
"This week the halls of the State Capitol building in Harrisburg were alive with the sounds of music thanks to Woodwind and Brass Ensembles from both the Middle and High School under the direction of Ms. Nancy Mest and Mr. Ben Hayes.  The performance was part of the "Music In Our Schools Month" lunch time concert series. The students enjoyed lunch at Strawberry Square followed by their performances and a tour of the Capitol Building. Our Music Department is another reason to say Proud to be from Pottstown. Share the news.  Lets hope the soothing music helped our Governor and Legislators come closer to settling a budget for 2015-16."

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