Wednesday, January 20, 2016

There Can Be Only One (Tax Collector That Is)

Diane DeLong
Four folks put their hat in the ring to be the township's tax collector for two years.

But, as the headline (and the Highlander series) tells us: There Can Be Only One!

And the one is Realtor Diane DeLong, who was chose by a 3-2 vote over former Township Commissioners Renee Spaide, Robert Binelli and David Mull.

Commissioners France Krazalkovich, John Bealer and Herb Miller supported DeLong while Commissioners Chairman Elwood Taylor and Commissioner Martin Schreiber, backed Spaide.

The other two candidates did not receive any votes.

Both Spaide and DeLong arrived with supporters in tow, but although Spaide had more at the meeting, DeLong had more where it counts, up at the board table.

When that was over, the board handle a number of routine matters, but in a very lengthy fashion.

They included their continuing efforts to deal with the damage being done by the invasive emerald ash borer, an update on activities at the Althouse Arboretum as well as a review of how the township's finances are structured.

You can find it all here in the fascinating Tweets from the meeting:

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