Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Toroney Says Goodbye, Thanks 'Most Valued Pottstownians,' Takes Veiled Shot at Ex-Councilman

Monday night was a night for closure in Pottstown politics.

The $59 million budget was adopted, a budget that does not raise taxes.

The 10.311 mill tax rate was adopted.

Police were promoted; the police chief, police captain and borough manager were all given raises.

And Steve Toroney, outgoing Pottstown Borough Council President, finally had his final say.

Here is the first 21 minutes, before my phone filled up, but I got most of it:

The quick review is Toroney thanked those he appreciated, left out those he chose not to thank, and saved particular "thanks" for bloggers, and other social media types who called for him to be fired.

He singled out a particular former councilman who resigned just months into a second term and is known for saying "fight when you're right" for special "thanks."

However, even after the meeting, Toroney declined to specify who he meant, perhaps cognizant of the threat, or rather "promise" he made in his speech; that once his is no longer a public official, all those "Fire Toroney" signs around Pottstown could be the subject of harassment charges.

His speech aside, there were other newsworthy events -- like a $3,600 raise for Borough Manager Mark Flanders and a presentation about a farmer's market planned to open in Pottstown this spring.

Yup, it was a busy meeting, and it all awaits you amid the Tweets, links and other YouTube videos that await those bold enough to wade into the Storify down below.

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