Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Douglass Police Contract Talks at an Impasse

As usual, Monday's meeting of the Douglass Township Supervisors was swift and productive.

Although not much time was spent on the subject, perhaps the most significant news to come out of the meeting is the fact that contract talks between the township and the police union are at a standstill.

Township Solicitor Paul Bauer delivered the news formally via his report Monday, but most likely it was discussed at length at an earlier executive session that Bauer announced at the beginning of the meeting.

He recommended, and the board agreed, to select Ryan Cassidy as the township's "partial arbitrator."

He said the police have chosen their own "partial arbitrator" and between the two, they will chose a third neutral arbitrator.

Bauer said the entire arbitration process will likely take four to six months and that the current contract, which expires at the end of the year, will remain in place until the arbitrators hammer out a new one.

Also on the agenda was progress on the process which will allow the township to revise the traffic impact fee it imposes on developers.

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