Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Comes Early for Coleberookdale Railroad

Maybe Santa's bag was too full, or maybe a new train car or a big donation wouldn't fit inside, but Christmas has come early to the Colebrookdale Railroad according to two recent announcements.

First, the big check: 

The Francesco A. Mascaro Charitable Trust recently awarded the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust a $10,000 grant. The funds will be put toward the restoration of a first-class parlor car slated for completion in early 2016, similar to the one show in the above photo.

"This gift demonstrates the uncommon commitment the Mascaro Family has made not just to our railroad, but the communities the railroad is working to revitalize," said Nathaniel Guest, executive director of the non-profit organization restoring the Civil War-era Colebrookdale Railroad. "

"We are exceedingly grateful to the Mascaro's for their generous support and the people of our communities are blessed to have them,” he said.
Nathaniel Guest, executive director of the Colebrookdale Railroad
Preservation Trust, jobs alongside Car 2001 as it arrives in Boyertown.
Now for the big car:

A 101-year old Pullman smoking coach built for the Maine Central Rialroad was donated to the Colebrookdale Railroad and recently arrived in Boyertown on the back of a very large truck.

The Titanic had been at the bottom of the sea just two years when the Colebrookdale Railroad’s newest addition was built. 

Car 2001 spent its life in the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire.

“The car is a now- very rare example of a once ubiquitous design for the first generation of steel train cars, making its preservation a worthy goal and its value as restored immeasurable,” said Guest. 

The car was donated to the trust, the non-profit restoring the Colebrookdale Railroad. It will be stabilized and stored as funds are raised for its restoration. 

“It needs work, but it’s remarkably complete for a 101-year-old,” said Guest. “I wish we had it in service right now, as we need the capacity, but good things take time — and this will be a very good thing when completed.”

The car travelled on a truck through New Hampshire and Vermont, then to Albany, Oneonta, and Binghamton, New York, crossing into Pennsylvania with a stop in Scranton.

Support the Trust by making a donation at

And you can see Santa on the Colebrookdale today and every day from next Saturday through Dec. 23.

Sip complementary hot cocoa or enjoy Christmas cookies and sing favorite carols as the Secret Valley passes by your window. Santa brings a gift for every child, and every child has an opportunity to give their Christmas letter to him (they even provide the crayons!) 

Opt to have your photo taken with Santa and it will be printed out for you on-board! New for this year, all trains stop at Secret Santa Village, where families can choose their Christmas tree. They will even load it on the train for you.

The railroad is also offering 'Twas the Night Before Christmas rides evenings from Thursday, Dec. 18 through Dec. 23. 

These special evening trains bring the storybook magic of the season to life.

Families are invited to ride in their pajamas and sip complimentary hot cocoa as T'was the Night Before Christmas is read.. 

Also, enjoy Christmas music and the comfort of our Edwardian-era cars as the holiday lights of the Secret Valley roll past your window. 

Rumor has it Santa himself may appear with a gift for every child. Opt to have a photo taken with Santa and they'll print it out for you on-board.

Click here to buy tickets. Some rides are already sold out.

And who knows, maybe it will even snow for your ride on the Colebrookdale.

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  1. We rode the train yesterday. It was a wonderful experience for our grandchildren and us. Everything was perfect. So many surprises.