Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Over the Hill and Through the Woods to Gilbertsville

So Douglass (Mont.) supervisors was not the meeting I meant to cover Monday night, but it is the meeting that I covered.

Because Douglass Township Manager Peter Hiryak has added me to his e-mail list, I received a copy of the agenda for last night's meeting in my in-box Monday.

It looked like pretty routine stuff, so I figured I had better go to Lower Pottsgrove Township Commissioners Monday night because, well, I didn't know what would happen, because the agendas are not posted, or sent out, to my knowledge.

So I went, early for a change, and found out that there was no Lower Pottsgrove meeting.

A friendly notice was posted on the front door for those clueless souls who believed the information posted on the web site about when the next meeting would be.

For those interested, the Lower Pottsgrove Commissioners have re-scheduled their meeting to Thursday night.

So look for my Tweets then if you're not planning on going yourself.

Knowing I had a few minutes, I headed off at completely legal speeds to get to the Douglass (Mont.) Supervisors meeting, arrived five minutes late (which was pretty good time if I do say so myself) and discovered they were already one-third of the way through their meeting.

Here are the Tweets from the Douglass meeting (after my visit to Lower Pottsgrove that is):

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