Friday, October 23, 2015

Would that All Township Meetings Were this Quick

Probably the most exciting thing about last night's meeting of the Lower Pottsgrove Township Commissioners was trying to get there.

I forgot, to my dismay, that there is intermittent road work happening on Buchert Road, so when I came shooting up Keim Street I came to a dead stop at the intersection.
Traffic at Keim and Buchert last night. 

So given that for once, I was going to be on time for the meeting, I instead had to zip back down to High Street and over to Pleasantview to rush in as the meeting was already underway.

Late again.

Anyway, I got there in time to discover not much was going to happen.

It boils down to two things.

1) They voted to borrow $135,934, at no interest, to pay for new emergency radios required by Montgomery County's new radio system. The county set up the no-interest loan program to make it easier on municipalities, but needed an answer by next month.

Ringing Hill Fire Company will borrow $161,898 for the same purpose, but Sanatoga Fire Company backed out ans is looking to fund their radio purchase with a grant, according to Township Manager Ed Wagner.

2) The second thing came out thanks to questioning by my colleague, Joe Zlomek from the Sanatoga Post. A public hearing will be held in December for three new ordinances, but Zlomek started asking questions about the one the township was characterizing as "minor."

It turns out the amendment allows the township to ignore zoning regulations when doing work on its own property. When Zlomek asked how much property the township owns, no one seemed to know right away.

Other than that, I'll let the Tweets tell the story.

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