Thursday, September 24, 2015

Regional Recreation and Stewardship

Photos by Evan Brandt
This map shows the many factors which will go into an upcoming multi-regional greenway and stewardship study in Montgomery and Chester counties.

Well, the summer is over and that means that the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Committee has started meeting again and after two months of absence, they had some pretty good stuff stored up.
Justin Keller with his October events calendar.

First of all, it was the time for the one-year review of how the regional recreation effort, headed by circuit rider Justin Keller is going.

Judging by the successes, the grants and the plans -- the answer seems to be "pretty well."

He outlined a number of initiatives, including a new one at the West Pottsgrove Township Pool which sounds interesting, and said in addition to obtaining about $100,000 in grants this year, there is still nearly $173,000 pending (delayed because of the budget impasse).

He has also produced a monthly events calendar which is catching on and may also be used for long-term planning.

Also of great interest is an effort that involves not just the Pottstown regional planning committee, but several others throughout Montgomery County.
Montgomery County planner Matt Schelly outlines the 
multi-regional study to the Pottstown area planners.

Matt Schelly from the Montgomery County Planning Commission outlined how the Multi-Regional
Greenway and Stewardship Study will work, and the ways in which it will be helpful not only to municipalities, but to private property owners as well.

Of particular interest to me, a poor student of geology, was the many ways a particular type of soil, called diabase, had influenced the land use in the region.

Land uses, such as forest, agriculture, watersheds and ridge lines, important birding areas, will all guide a comprehensive look at a large region that will produce specific recommendations geared toward maintenance, stewardship and best practices.

Interesting stuff for the policy wonks in the room.

Anyway, you can read about it all, as I Tweeted it live, as if you were there in the room.

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