Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fade to Black

Photos by Evan Brandt
By the time Owen J. Roberts and Pottstown performed, it was dark (and a full-moon), but it was a pretty dramatic sky when the Lancaster Catholic High School Marching Band Showcase started. Then it faded to black...

You could say that there was a dramtic theme to local marching band performances undertaken at the Lancaster Catholic High School Marching Band Showcase Saturday night.

Pottstown High School Trojan Marching Band ready to begin.
Eschewing the Boyertown Cavalcade of Bands this year, two local marching bands chose instead to perform their shows in Lancaster.

Owen J. Roberts performed its imaginative movie-theme program, with music from ET, Harry Potter, Toy Story and more.

While Pottstown's show, titled "Black," features three songs that all involve the word "black."

Both programs received enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

Here is the Tout video of OJR getting started because it's easier to watch here and I like to reward my blog readers .... both of them.

I know the YouTube videos are in the "Storify" below, but I've embedded them here because its easier to watch them this way in case you don't want to troll through the Tweets.

It's not like I need sleep or anything....

First up is Owen J. Roberts in three parts:

And then Part 2:

And the big finale:

And here are Pottstown's three performances:

And then Part Two:

And last but not least, Pottstown's big finale:

Unlike a cavalcade, this "Showcase" involved no judges, no scoring; just bands playing their hearts out and the appreciative audience giving it right back in applause.

I particularly enjoyed the Drum Major costumes for both bands.

The OJR drum majors were dressed as directors from the 30s and Pottstown Drum Major Justin Beasley-Turner was wearing an impressive all-black outfit.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a near-perfect autumn evening.

Here are the Tweets for those of you still with us...

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