Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scores, Renovation Update and Tuberculosis

Photo by Evan Brandt
Construction equipment and materials at the site of the Pottsgrove High School construction and expansion project.

Last night's Pottsgrove School Board meeting, as the headline suggests, dealt with three major subjects.

The first, and dealt with the most quickly, was whether or not to require volunteers in the schools get a tuberculosis test. After some hemming and hawing about what other districts do, the board voted unanimously to no longer require it.

That is no doubt a big relief to those who have already borne the cost and bother of complying with the state's new background check requirements for those who are only trying to help.

The second major issue is whether or not the high school's second summer of renovations will be done in time for a timely start of school.

Obviously, the answer to that question remains to be answered as the clock ticks down, but the board decided to first, forgive the first three days of delay for students and staff in terms of classroom days.

They also tried to assure students taking AP classes that the subjects will be covered adequately to allow them to score well on their tests next spring.

And finally, the board and administration delved into the tricky and touchy subject of test scores; which dropped around the state as the result of a shift in material being tested.

Everything from the state's culpability in the results, to new math curriculum, to the administration's plans for improvement were all on the table for discussion.

To read about that discussion, in Tweet form, we present, last night's Tweets:

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