Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Let Us Get in Your Way

So whether by inspiration, dedication or perspiration, Pottstown Borough Council saw the light and decided against opposing a zoning variance required to keep the Fecera's project moving forward.

With a unanimous vote (Travis Gery was absent), could sent the variance along to the zoning board without comment, the least they could do considering they caused the issue in the first place by changing the parking rules after planning for the project was already very far along.

Anyway, you can get the full skinny in today's Mercury story by clicking here.

Other interesting notes that bear a closer and more thorough look are:

  • The announcement that the Phillies and North End Fire Companies have signed a partnership agreement;
  • Ryan Procsal's announcement that Fire Chief Richard Lengel has put together plan in case of an accident with the oil trains rolling through town with greater frequency;
  • That street sweeping won't start until the end of the month;
  • That the price of the new borough garage keeps going up;
  • And that the plans for erecting a station in Memorial Park for the Colebrookdale Railroad are moving along.

You can find it all in the Tweets below;

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