Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Townships, Two Meetings, Little News

We started our evening in Gilbertsville, where the Douglass (Mont.) Supervisors met for a little less than an hour and conducted the business of the township with dispatch.

Supervisor Fred Ziegler, currently facing charges for a variety of crimes related to his position as a township supervisor, was not present.

The meeting proceeded apace and the big event of the evening, if there can be said to be one, was the apparent success of the township's Trout Rodeo on Saturday.

That done, I hustled myself down Gilbertsville Road to the Upper Pottsgrove firehouse, where the Upper Pottsgrove Commissioners were in the midst of wrapping up their meeting.

I sat in till the end, but I would be lying to to you if I told you there was big news in either of the meetings.

In other words, the Tweets tell it all.

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