Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Chapter in Fire Merger, New Fire Truck

Photo by Evan Brandt

It was a nice twilight walk back from Pottstown Borough Council Monday.

So once again, the Storify program I use to collect all these Tweets and links fails the primary test of usefulness when it will not allow a link from a YouTube video to be posted within its borders.

I have asked a question publicly on Twitter, but here in the world of deadlines, I doubt it will come soon enough.

Instead, I am left with little choice but to embed the video here in the blog for you to view, if you are interested in the mayor's thoughts on the fire merger talks, here instead of in the context of when it occurred.

So it goes.

The headlines are council unanimously to cease its arrangement with David Woglom, their consultant in the fire merger talks, and agreed to but a new $1.1 million fire truck without raising taxes.

Otherwise, pretty quick meeting.

Here are the Tweets

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