Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Council to Review Fire Company Merger

Once again, Monday's Pottstown Borough Council meeting proved that a meeting does not have to be long to contain news.

Probably the most significant news to occur last night had to do with the borough contentious plan to merge all four volunteer fire companies into a single volunteer department, a most that, until now, the Philadelphia Steam Engine Company, had been the only company to resist.

However, Monday night, Dave Saylor, the Deputy Chief of the North End Fire Company, told council that its time council met face to face with the fire companies.
Some of the firefighters at Monday night's meeting.

He said there are "other options" other than the one being proposed by the borough, which may be "appealing."

Saylor also noted that North End and the Phillies are "interested in making the best decisions for the community."

Then, at the end of the meeting, Councilwoman Sheryl Miller, saying she wanted to hear for herself what the fire companies had to say, made a motion to hold that meeting as Saylor had requested. It was seconded by Councilman Joe Kirkland.

Council President Stephen Toroney, Vice President Travis Gery and Councilman Dan Weand cast the "nay" votes.

Gery took the time to explain that he did not think a "special meeting" is needed as the firefighters can come to any council meeting and say what they have to say -- something they been doing for several months now.

Toroney said the borough's representative, David Woglom, will be at the meeting as well and Mayor Sharon Thomas said the talks should focus on "equity and cost savings."

Borough Manager Mark Flanders was charged with setting up the date.

Here are the Tweets, links and videos from the meeting.

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