Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Uniform Success

A banner that hangs in the Pottstown High School cafeteria.
As almost any Pottstown High School student can tell you this morning, the big story out of last night's school board meeting had to do with school uniforms.

Or rather, a lack of school uniforms.

In a split vote, the board approved a trial period from May 4 until June 18 when enforcement of the school uniform policy will be suspended.

Engineered by the board's two student members, Emmanuel Wilkerson and Katrina Belmontes, the effort is an attempt to prove to the board that the high school students can handle the responsibility of dressing appropriately without requiring uniforms.

"I hope you guys do it right, school board member Amy Francis, who voted against the trial period, told Wilkerson after the vote.

Here is what Wilkerson and Belmontes had to say to their fellow students:

You can read more about that in depth in today's Mercury.

But  school uniforms wasn't all that happened at the meeting.

Photo by Evan Brandt

Superintendent Jeff Sparagana, left, Greg Cavallo, Center
and School Board Vice President Andrew Kefer.
Wellness Coordinator David Genova gave a review of the year's wellness activities that included an impressive list of projects, grants and collaborative efforts, which, he said, is putting Pottstown on the map.

Also, the board took the time to thank Greg Cavallo, owner of Office Technologies for his donation of eight color printers to the district.

Most went to the middle school and one to the administration building.

Superintendent Jeff Sparagana provided some interesting information about how color improves learning.

Who knew? Well, he did I suppose. Still, I thought it was interesting.

Here is video of the presentation:

The board also voted unanimously to limit renovation, roof and repair work to the budgeted $625,000, and not to include the additional $270,000 being sought to replace the flat roof on the administration building.

The administration can choose to do that project with the money budgeted.

And without further ado, here are the Tweets from the meeting:

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