Friday, April 24, 2015

A Non-Uniform Meeting

The students of Pottstown High School will be pleased to kn ow that the school board seems inclined to give them a chance to prove the school does not need a uniform policy.

Well at least those of you who don't already follow me on Twitter (hint, hint) ... because those lucky few know already.

The trial period, if adopted Monday, will go until the end of the year, and Superintendent Jeff Sparagana said the distirct will do a "three-year look-back" to see how compliance and discipline issues compare for the same period with, and without the uniform policy being in place.

Emmanuel Wilkerson, the student member of the board who presented the idea to the board and has guided it to this point, expressed confidence in the student body's ability to demonstrate that they can responsible dress those bodies.

Also worthy of note was a presentation by Borough Manager Mark Flanders and PAID Executive Director Steve Bamford on the idea of establishing one or several LERTA districts in town as a way to spur economic development.

And whether or not the district has enough money to both replace the flat roof on the administration building, and undertake other roof and masonry repairs at other buildings was a subject of much discussion and will await a vote on Monday night.

Here are the many, many, many Tweets from the meeting.

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