Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On Bonds, Budgets & a Surprise Move on Grades

Prior to the public meeting, the school board held a closed-door
session and interviewed Jeff Cardwell, 
who was subsequently hired as the district's new facilities director.
Last night the Pottsgrove School Board approved the re-financing of a bond, saving about $90,000 on the remaining $3.3 million debt left on borrowing to renovate Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School, which is where the meeting was held.

The board also reviewed Gov. Tom Wolf's budget proposal and learned it would mean nearly $1 million in additional revenue if it were to be adopted unchanged b the Republican legislature.

There is fat chance of that.

They also grappled wit the puzzle of how to digitize thousands upon thousands of school records that must be kept by law and are currently occupying way too much space in the district.

And, in a surprise move, board member David Faulkner tried to reverse the district's course on converting from a 7-point grading scale to a 10-point grading scale.

However, his motion was stalled until the next meeting by a successful vote to table it.

Its all here below in the marvelous and often misspelled Tweets issued to you live during the meeting.

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