Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Borough Authority Charging (Only) Phillies Fire Co. for Water Use at Firehouse

So alcohol has once again become a public policy issue, this time, as it relates to water bills.

It seems that back in June, and again in July, Pottstown Borough Authority Manager Mark Flanders sent in an e-mail to the borough authority members recommending a policy change.

For decades, the Pottstown Borough Authority has not charged fire companies for their use of water at the firehouses.

But in July, enough authority members indicated via e-mail that they agreed with Flanders, that the water ratepayers should not be giving free water to an organization that sells alcohol, which the Phillies and the West End Fire Company in Stowe do in the social rooms at their firehouses.

So Flanders gave the Phillies and West End a choice, divide their water service and pay for the bar room water use, but not the fire house use, or pay for all their water use.

Flanders told the authority board members Tuesday night that North End and Goodwill responded to a letter he sent out, saying they did not have bar room operations and thus, would continue to receive free water.

He said the Philadelphia Steam Fire Company, better known as the Phillies, did not respond.

But the board heard from them Monday night, when Phillies Fire Company President Charles Pierce asked that the bill of $482 for the first quarter of the year be forgiven.

The board was undecided and, well, read the Tweets and be enlightened.....


  1. Was there any discussion about the water problem in West Pottsgrove while they were replacing the water lines? Some of my neighbors and I were without clean water for 11 days. The water was completely rusty. I am still using bottled water due to the problem still popping up once a week. They wound up installing a fire hydrant on the corner of Ash and Fairview Sts. because they weren't able to properly flush the lines. My neighbors water system was ruined and needed work and I am not able to use my filtering system because it was compromised. Who is going to compensate me for having to replace two carbon block filters? One that does the entire house and the other that does drinking water at my kitchen sink.

    I am also President of West End Fire Co. We received a bill, we will pay the bill. It isn't a big deal. We are also looking into splitting the service. Thank you.

    1. Mr. Mitz,
      Thank you for your comments.
      To answer your question: No, there was no discussion of water problems in West Pottsgrove.