Monday, March 23, 2015

Another 'Outstanding' Jazz Performance

Photo by Evan Brandt
The four soloists featured on "Stolen Moments" are,
from left, Sherif Mohamaed, John Johnson,
Justin Beasley-Turner and Marley Bryan.
The Pottstown High School Jazz Band was the only local band out of 11 to perform Saturday at the 25th Annual Jazz Festival at West Chester University's School of Music.

To mark the occasion, the band unveiled a new number, "Stolen Moments," which features four soloists.

A source inside the band informed the Digital Notebook team that this new number was performed after only two rehearsals.

Once you listen to it I think you'll agree that's pretty damn good for only their third attempt at it.

Here is the full video of "Stolen Moments:"

The show proceeded then as previous ones have with "Midnight Voyage:"

This was followed with their big closer, "R U Chicken?"

The band earned a rating of "Outstanding" from the three judges, Dave Kenney,
Neil Wetzel and Tom Wolfe.

Further, tenor saxophonist Marley Bryan won another award for his solo work.

He also received a scholarship to a summer program at West Chester University.

This year's jazz band season has been curtailed by the weather and two performances, one at Pottsgrove High School and another, scheduled for Friday at West Chester High School, were both cancelled due to snow.

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  1. Fantastic effort and looks like another outstanding performance - well done to all involved.