Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Of Bridges and Highway Garages

If there was a word to describe what was discussed at the Douglass (Mont.) Supervisors meeting Monday night, that word would be "infrastructure."

To be sure, it was not a long meeting, 30 minutes by my count, but during that time they managed to discuss the replacement of the County Line Road bridge over Swamp Creep -- for which they've been awarded a $595,500 grant (minus their $118,000 contribution); taking over the Henry Road bridge from the county; and beginning the process of replacing the "disgusting" highway garage on Municipal Drive.

The board also discussed PennDOT's plans to re-pave Route 100 from Farmington Avenue to the Berks County line.

The only other subject of discussion that merits note here is the second meeting of the newly formed Emergency Services Board.

It intends to seek more funding for the services of the Gilbertsville Ambulance Company from New Hanover Township, as well as pursue an ordinance that will require insurance companies to reimburse the fire companies for the cost of responding to motor vehicle accidents.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting.

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