Friday, February 27, 2015

'Brigadoon' Free at The Hill This Weekend

The "Brigadoon" cast and crew

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by The Hill School

This weekend, The Hill School’s Ellis Theatre Guild will show three performances of its winter musical, "Brigadoon." 

 The curtain opens at 7:15 p.m. for the Friday, Feb. 27 and Saturday, Feb. 28 shows, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday, March 1. 

All performances will be in The Hill’s Center For The Arts Theatre. The musical is free and open to the community.

"Brigadoon" tells the story of two New Yorkers, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, who become lost on a vacation in the Scottish Highlands and stumble into Brigadoon, a mythical village that they learn appears for one day, once every hundred years.

In a production method similar to what has become the norm on Broadway, the pit orchestra for Brigadoon will not be located in the CFTA theatre; rather, the 20 member pit will perform remotely from the Green Room. 

Each instrumentalist is equipped with a microphone and a personal digital mixer that is synched to the master sound booth in the theatre, from which the sound is projected to the audience.

The Hill School is thankful for the generosity of Nathan Powell and his production company, PTCGroup, and Dean Danowitz for supplying the necessary lighting and sound equipment for the production. 

Powell, a Collegeville resident, is father of Hill 2014 graduate Jamie Powell and current Hill freshman Noah Powell, and Danowitz is the father of Hill senior Adam Gross of Marlton, N.J.

Below is a full cast list, including class year and hometown:
  • Fiona MacLaren: Erica Lowry (Sr. - Barto, Pa.)
  • Meg Brockie: AJ Sullivan (Sr. - Bronx, NY)
  • Jean MacLaren: Olivia Zitkus (Jr. - Pottstown, Pa.)
  • Tommy Albright: Berenger Wegman (Sr. - Reading, Pa.)
  • Jeff Douglas: Will McCarter (Soph. - Unionville, Pa.)
  • Charlie Dalrymple: Will Bell (Jr. – Honey Brook, Pa.)
  • Mr. Lundie: Burt Merriam (Hill’s CFTA Director)
  • Harry Beaton: Peter Marsh (Sr. – Omaha, Neb.)
  • Jane Ashton: Crystal Desai (Sr. – St. Petersburg, Fla.)
  • Andrew MacLaren: Jeff Armstrong (Jr. – Glenmoore, Pa.)
  • Angus MacGuffie: Timothy Rutt (Sr. – Prospect, Conn.)
  • Archie Beaton: Zack Daub (Fr. – Douglassville, Pa.)
  • Stuart Dalrymple: Tyler Miles (Jr. – Lower Merion, Pa.)
  • MacGregor: Kushal Modi (Soph. – Sinking Spring, Pa.)
  • Sandy Dean: Crystal Desai
  • Maggie Anderson: Piper Hudspeth Blackburn (Sr. – Burlington, NJ)
  • Kate (friend of Jean’s): Helena Bauer-Mitterlehner (Jr. - Vienna, Austria)
  • Opening solo in Prologue: Burt Merriam
  • Vendors: Anagha Havildar (Soph. – Malvern, Pa.), Carly Lange (Fr. – Collegeville, Pa.), Taylor Lange (Jr. – Collegeville, Pa.), Chau Le (Sr. – Hanoi, Vietnam), Margot Wegman (Jr. – Reading, Pa.), Zack Daub,Tyler Miles, Kushal Modi 
The chorus is: Anagha Havildar, Addy Henderson (Soph. – Sugar Hill, NH), Carly Lange, Chau Le, Merrie Marsh (Fr. – Omaha, Neb.), Celeste Owusu (Fr. – Pottstown, Pa.), Shirley Ye (Soph. – Shanghai, China), Tarik Atlic (Sr. – Tuzla, Bosnia), Timi Solanki (Fr. – Sinking Spring, Pa.), and Rachel Swartz (Soph. – Birdsboro, Pa.)

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