Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rupert Students Feel the I'MPACT

Photos Courtesy of John Armato
 Fourth grade I'MPACT Award winner Abby Eagle, center, is visited by teachers, front row from left, Laurie Gresko, Amy Sellman, , Stacey Bauman, Athena Procsal, Kalen Pippert, second row from left, Shannon Wagner, Corina Miller, Diana Dotterer, Rine Strohecker, Lauren Crean and Principal Matt Moyer, rear.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District.

Recently several students from Rupert Elementary School were surprised when they answered their doorbell at home and were greeted by a group of teachers and their principal from Rupert Elementary School. 

 The visit was part of the I’MPACT program. 

 I’MPACT is an acronym for I’m Pottstown Action Community Team. Its mission is to “celebrate learning” with positive communication of activities happening at school through the building of relationships with community members. 

Visiting First Grade I'MPACT Award winner Na'sire Parker, center,
were Christine Fiorillo and Rine Strohecker
The team makes personal door-to-door visits to surprise students and their families with certificates of achievement and I’MPACT winner shirts. 

 Students are congratulated on their hard work, citizenship, and positive behavior. The I’MPACT team consists of teachers, support staff, parents, and administrators from Rupert Elementary School

Third grade winner Nek Castillo was so surprised when he opened his front door he said, “I must be dreaming this can’t be for real.”

I’MPACT Award Winners were:
  • Pre-K – Isabella Matthews 
  • Kindergarten – Jacob Heller 
  • First Grade – Na’sir Parker 
  • Second Grade – Philip Scambora 
  • Third Grade – Nek Castillo 
  • Fourth Grade – Abigail Eagle 
Members of the I’MPACT Team accompanying Principal Matt Moyer were: Teachers – Shannon Wagner, Stacey Bauman, Laurie Gresko, Treena Ferguson, Amy Sellman, Kalena Pippert, Lauren Crean, Rine Strohecker, Corina Miller, Christine Fiorillo, Diana Dotterer, and Athena Procsal.

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