Thursday, November 6, 2014

Of Lifesavers and 0% Tax Hikes

Fuzzy Photo by Evan Brandt's iPhone which can't seem to focus any more.
From left Steve Morrisey, Anthony Fischer, Brian Weitzel, Police Chief Rick Drumheller and Nik Stoltzfus. The four officers were honored Wednesday by Pottstown Borough Council for their lifesaving actions.

Wednesday night was one of those nights that makes you glad to be in Pottstown.

First, a new business was applying for a special use permit to open a funeral home in the old sleep center on High Street.

Then, four police officers were recognized for two instances of life-saving.

Then a woman who lives on Fourth Street argued, successfully I think, for a handicap space in front of her house.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Finance Director Janice Lee delivered a proposed $48 million budget for 2015 which WILL NOT RAISE TAXES.

The cherry on top was when Council President Stephen Toroney looked at school board member Ron Williams, who was in the audience, and said "this is also a challenge to the school board" to deliver a budget that does not hike taxes.

Last year's budget was adopted with a promise from Superintendent Jeff Sparagana to strive for that very goal, and Williams responded immediately to Toroney "I'm sure we can do it."

To follow it all in breathtaking and often correct Tweets, read on and don't forget to click the blue bar at the bottom to make sure you've read every single one.

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