Sunday, November 2, 2014

Deadline for Music Scholarship Extended to Nov. 5

Are you a student with a performing arts skill?

Did you forget to submit your application for the Rotary Club's Performing Arts Scholarship?

Do you like money?

Well, you can thank us later, but The Digital Notebook staff have leveraged its considerable political influence to get you an extension of the deadline, which was Nov. 1.

Chairman Lori Musson, bowing to pressure .... OK, we really just asked a question, but a blog can dream can't it? .... said the absolute deadline is now Nov. 5.

So you've still got time.
The Hill School Center for the Arts

Get Cracking!

Here are the details, and there are a lot of them:

The Rotary Club of Pottstown, with the support of The High Street Music Company in Pottstown, is seeking students from grades 9 through 12  who want to participate in a special talent competition.

It will be held on Nov. 22 at The Hill School Center for the Arts Building, 860 Beech St., Pottstown, PA, 19464.

There will be four performance categories in which students can compete: 
  • Broadway/Pop/Jazz Vocal 
  • Classical/Operatic Vocal
  • Broadway/Pop/Jazz Instrumental 
  • Classical Instrumental 
The Rotary Club of Pottstown is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the first place winner and a $250 scholarship to the runner-up in each category.

Students from all the surrounding school districts, public, private and parochial schools are encouraged and cordially invited to participate in this event. Entry is free.

For additional copies of the entry form and the performing guidelines, go to The Rotary Club of Pottstown’s website at, and click on the link entitled ‘Application for Performing Arts Scholarship Competition’ located on the left hand side of the home page under the heading ‘Download.’

You can also access a copy of the application by clicking here.

Preliminary Auditions will be held on the following dares: (Entrants need only be present during one of the specified dates below for audition)
  • Tuesday, Nov.  11: 6 to 9 p.m. 
  • Wednesday, Nov. 12,: 6 to 9 p.m. 
  • Thursday, Nov.13: 6 to 9 p.m.
The competition is open to solo artists only; no group numbers are permitted.

Although not required, applicants may also bring a typed resume listing your training and experience at the time of your audition. 

Applicants may audition for more than one performance category, but performances may not last more than 4 minutes and will be timed.

Rooms will be provided for entrants to warm up and change clothes, if needed. 

Entrants will be evaluated during the preliminary auditions by professional instructors/performers using a standardized evaluation form, in order to determine who will progress to the Final Presentations.

Preliminary auditions are closed to the public. Finalists will be announced via email or website posting upon completion of the all preliminary auditions, no later than Monday evening, Nov. 17.

The final competition will begin at 6 p.m. on Nov. 22. Those invited to perform during the final competition should plan on arriving at The Center for The Arts Building at the Hill School by 5:30 pm that evening.

Audition appointments are strongly encouraged and will be assigned after submission of your Entry Form. Walk-ins will be seen during preliminary auditions only, if time allows. After completion of the preliminary auditions, a select number of entrants will be invited to participate in the Final Competition (also called the Public Presentation), during which those who are selected will then compete for the scholarships.

All entrants, whether invited to participate in the final competition or not, are invited to attend the public presentation the evening of Nov. 22 free of charge, and will have the opportunity to receive direct feedback from the evaluators immediately following the event.

Admission to attend the final competition is $8 per person.  
Based on last year’s successful outpouring of participation from area high schools, The Rotary Club strongly urges students to be a part of what has become a magical ‘destination event’ for our area youth and the surrounding community.

Student involvement in the arts provides a valuable and positive outlet, helping to build their confidence and encouraging creative thinking and discipline. 

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