Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Budgets, Bids and Police Bombshells

Photo by Evan Brandt
A medium-sized crowd gathers at last night's council meeting
Monday night was a pretty busy one at borough council.

Lots of stuff on the agenda; a budget with tax hike will be advertised, the police department is being re-organized, council rejected a bid for the new public works building because they want to see first what Limerick is doing; and Tom Hylton made a case for allowing asphalt and porous pavement sidewalks near those uplifted by trees.

The other big subject was a number of landlords who spoke out against the borough's plans to implement annual inspections of rental properties.

Go ahead, say all that in one breath, I dare ya.

Anyway, here are the Tweets from the meeting. You will also find a YouTube video there of Mayor Sharon Thomas discussing crime and other subjects. I did not video the full mayor's report seeing as I was taking notes, but you can play it right there, you don't have to open a new page.

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