Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sustainability, Cooperation and Renovation

Photo by Evan Brandt
Officials gather and chat in Lincoln Elementary School's newly
refurbished all-purpose room before the joint meeting.
Tuesday night, Pottstown Borough Council and the Pottstown School Board held a joint meeting at Lincoln Elementary School.

The meeting began with a tour of the newly renovated and expanded building.

This was followed by a short presentation by Erica Weekley, the assistant borough manager, on the upcoming Pottstown CARES Clean-Up.

This in turn was followed by a presentation by the two to numbers crunchers in the Pottstown, Borough Finance Director Janice Lee and School District Business Manager Linda Adams, who briefed both boards on ways the two entities are working together to save money for the taxpayers both entities served.

This was following by a very interesting presentation by a planner from the Montgomery County Planning Commission on the possibility of Pottstown adopting a "municipal sustainability plan;" a presentation that was well-received and which it seems both entities support and hope to implement.

Below, as usual, are the Tweets from the meeting.

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