Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lincoln Elementary, Bigger and Better Than Ever

Photos by John J. Armato
Lincoln Principal Calista Boyer addresses the crowd.

Saturday was a busy day in Pottstown and one of the many things I would have liked to attend but did
not get to was the re-dedication of Lincoln Elementary School.

This is my neighborhood school (do we still say that in Pottstown?) and the school my son attended.

He was educated by many of the teachers in this the above photo and I will confess to having a soft spot for it.

But I was working the snack bar for the Pottstown Schools Music Association at the Pottstown/Boyertown football game and the one Mercury photographer working Saturday had about
The crowd listens to a speaker at the start of the re-dedication ceremony.
10 other places to be.

So I did what I always do when I can't get something covered, I go with Plan B and rely upon Public Relations Coordinator John Armato, who took photos and sent them to me despite the fact that I messed up his new iPhone trying to show him how to use Twitter.

Hey I didn't mean to do it, but, let's face it. I don't know as much as Twitter as I like to pretend I do.

Anyway, enjoy the pics and congratulations to Lincoln for opening on time.

Schools Superintendent
Jeff Sparagana
As many of you will remember, that was an open question earlier in the year when three elementary schools, Lincoln, Franklin and Rupert, were all supposed to be completed before the start of school.

Two of the schools made it, and work on Rupert continues while the students and staff stay in the former Edgewood building on Morris Street.

Hopefully, Rupert will be ready to open by the start of the next marking period, but only time and a late-running construction project will tell if that goal is attainable.

Third Grade Teacher Michael Koman, an excellent teacher of my son's, helps out with the fun and games.

More fun and games were set up up in the renovated school's all purpose room.

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