Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcome to the Team

Photo by Evan Brandt
Katina Bearden is the newest member of 
the Pottstown School Board
The Pottstown School Board welcomed its newest member Thursday night when Katina Bearden was sworn in by District Judge Scott Palladino.

Bearden took the oath of office after being selected by the board last week to replace Dennis Wausnock who died in office.

She was welcomed by the board members as well as Robert Decker, a Pottstown High School math teacher who is also a representative for the Pottstown Federation of Teachers.

The board also briefly discussed the ramifications of the passage a bill in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would allow teachers to carry firearms into schools.

They also discussed making the most of the student representatives on the school board and sending them to a conference on the subject, as well as meeting with their Pottsgrove School District counter part.

Here are the Tweets from the meeting

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