Thursday, September 11, 2014

Polarization in Politics? Who Knew?

Fuzzy Photo by Evan Brandt's iPhone
The panelists in the "Polarization in Politics" forum at Ursinus were, from left, Montgomery County Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro, Democrat, former chair of the PA Democratic State Committee T.J. Rooney; Chester County Commissioners Chairman Ryan Costello, Republican; and former chair of the PA Republican State Committee, Alan Novak.

So not that we need any politicians to tell us that politics is polarized, but in a thoughtful, civil forum Wednesday night at Ursinus College, four politicians did talk about why politics can't be more thoughtful and civilized.

Below are the live Tweets your favorite blogger issued from the forum. Know that there are several mistakes contained in the live Tweeting which were subsequently corrected in the Storify that appears below.

No excuses, just regrets for the errors.

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