Sunday, September 7, 2014

OJR Low Brass Travels in Style

Photos Courtesy of Chris Ficca
The Owen J. Roberts High School March Band's low brass section rented a limo to take them and band director Todd Mengel to the most recent game at Daniel Boone High School.

So apparently the low bras section of the Owen J. Roberts High School marching band has a sense of style.

Who knew?

Well band director Todd Mengel knows now.

Apparently there is a tradition at OJR of each of the marching band's section trying to curry favor with the director in order to have the benefit of boarding the bus first.

Traditional means are often employed, such as skits or food.

"Needless to say, Mr. Mengel was beyond surprised."
But this year, the band's low-brass section thought outside the box.

Or in this case, outside the bus.

According info provided by parent Chris Ficca, friend of this blog, the section raised the bar on this tradition by renting a limo for Mengel, his wife and their section to take them to the game at Daniel Boone High School.

"The two young men in the dark suits are actually two
marching band 
members and the masterminds
behind the entire evening," Ficca wrote.
"Needless to say, Mr. Mengel was beyond surprised," Ficca wrote. "It was truly an evening to remember for him."

"In an age when we read and hear so much negative about our youth, I wanted to pass this along to you. I hope it makes you smile like it did for Mr. Mengel, OJR band staff and band students," Ficca wrote.

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  1. No one gives a crap

    1. There's no way to +1 this comment?

    2. It's such a shame that the haters have to make their voices heard.

  2. Isn't renting a limo a "bribe"? Also who was with the other kids on the bus?

    1. It's an after-school activity and no a class, and it's a marching band so it is not as if "bribing" could help you get a better position. Both the music and the drill are already written and memorized by this point in the season. It probably is a "bribe" to get to go on the band bus first next time, but the same thing could be accomplished simply by being ready promptly and standing straight, tall, and silent at attention when the command is called. It's more an act of love for an awesome band director who puts more time and effort into his job than most people would believe.

      Also, there are several people on the bus responsible for the students other than their director. First of all there is the bus driver in other words people who are trained and paid to transport students back and forth to locations every day. There are also staff members who work with particular sections of the band as well as extra parent chaperones. No need to worry:)