Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A New Candidate and Some New Tech

Photo by Evan Brandt
Bill Parker announces his candidacy to the Pottsgrove School Board, and a TV audience.

So at only the second Pottsgrove School Board meeting being recorded for broadcast on PCTV, someone took advantage of the camera's presence to announce his candidacy for the school board.

Photo by Evan Brandt
Gus Tellis films the Pottsgrove School Board meeting for PCTV. 
It should air today, Wednesday.
Bill Parker, who provided a written copy of his comments to the press, said he believes the school
board is not being prudent wit tax dollars and that candidates should be sought for all six seats that will be open.

He also mentioned that Al Leach will be running as well.

Also on the table for discussion was the purchase, for nearly $100,000, of 120 wireless access points for establishment at the high school.

Tecvhnology Director Michael Wagman said they are not related to the 1 to 1 program that will put computers in the hands of every high school student, but are related to the high school renovation project.

The deal was done outside the bidding process for the high school project, Wagman said, because the district could get a better price and wanted to be hands on for equipment they would be servicing for the next several years.

Without further delay, here are the tweets from last night's meeting.

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