Friday, August 22, 2014

Delays, Donations and Unfortunate Vacancies

There were some serious subjects on the table Thursday night for the Pottstown School Board meeting.

They included board's frustration at the last-minute decision not to open Rupert Elementary School for the first day of school and instead send students and teachers to the former Edgewood School they attended last year for the start of school.

There was also discussion of replacing School Board Vice President Dennis Wausnock, who died Tuesday, and the suggestion that the board should go out of its way to recruit a member of the "minority community."

And there was the news that not only has Gerry Lenfest, who founded Suburban Cable and now owns the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, donated $10,000 to the effort to build new lights at Grigg Memorial Field, but also that an unnamed donor has offered to match the fundraising effort, and all Pottstown now has to raise is $150,000.

And then there was the "brain break," which is something teachers now do in Pottstown Schools to give students a chance to recharge and get some physical activity, but which Superintendent Jeff Sparagana also felt the board should do from time to time.


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