Thursday, July 3, 2014

Go West (Young?) Reporter...

So the stars and planets aligned.

Because Pottstown Borough Council meets on "the first Wednesday after the first Monday" (who makes up this stuff?) Wednesday night's West Pottsgrove Township Commissioner's meeting did not conflict with borough council and I could go.

I started live-Tweeting, with only about one bar of connection, and made it halfway through before AT&T, or my iPhone, or Twitter said "ENOUGH OF THIS WORKING LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO!" and it crapped out.

Unfazed, I continued Tweeting into drafts and then copied them out of my phone once I got to a computer with a more secure connection and VOILA! here it is, my first Storify of a West Pottsgrove meeting.

It's a doosie....(not really.)

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