Friday, May 9, 2014

Pottstown Schools Eye 0% Tax Hike ... Next Year

Blogger's Note: OK, so those of you who read these things and have grown used to me putting notes into the "Storify" of my posts to fill in the blanks between the Tweets, but that function was not working tonight.

Also, it wasn't my idea but the meeting resulted in the lead of this story, visible up there in the headline, being buried at the bottom. Rest assured, it will be right up on top when I write it up for the newspaper.

So a few notes:
  • At one point I Tweeted that nine positions would be cut under the proposed school budget and at another that 11 would be cut. The right number is 11, nine classroom assistants, one secretary and one teacher.
  • The African author to whom Franklin Principal Kevin Downes was referring is Wingari Maathai, who won a Nobel prize and fostered the "green belt" movement in Africa.
  • I didn't mention him by name, but as many of you know, the chairman of the finance committee is Board Vice President Dennis Wausnock and he listened in from a hospital bed as he is pretty ill.
  • So first of all, send him your best wishes, he has been a public servant for a very, very long time, and second of all, Twitter didn't give me room to put Wausnock's name in the Tweet. We're all pulling for you Dennis.
  • And although I couldn't resist putting in that board member Andrew Keefer works for a foreclosure law firm, I had intended to flesh out his comments in the notes. What he also said was "PSERS, debt service and building roofs, that's what this comes down to. Those are the three reasons the budget is increasing this year. The district continues to get more blood out of a stone but we have no wiggle room."
That said, remember, to click the "Read More" blue story bar at the bottom for the juicy stuff, here is the Storify:

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