Saturday, May 17, 2014

No Middle Ground for this Jazz Band

The Pottstown Middle School Jazz Band with their "Superior" rating from a recent competition at Arcola Middle School.

Blogger's Note: John Armato, whose appreciation for the musical arts only continues to grow, provided the following.

The Pottstown Middle School jazz band proved that when it comes to jazz there is no middle ground in the Pottstown School District program which is recognized for outstanding bands at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

The middle school band, under the direction of Mr. Ben Hayes, earned the top rating of “Superior” at the Arcola Jazz event.
Will Minnick with his 

"Outstanding Soloist" award from 
the Arcola jazz completion

Competing against bands from Spring-Ford, Pottsgrove, Pine Brook, and Penndale, the band made its presence felt by performing “Groovin’,” “Freddie the Freeloader,” and “Blues Machine.”

The trumpet section of Mitchell Aquino, Will Minnick, AJ Ecker, Nick Wilson, Kiersten Heverly, and Jonathan Brusk earned recognition as the “Best Trumpet Section.” 

Will Minnick gained individual honors by receiving the “Outstanding Soloist Award.”

“This band has shown incredible growth over the course of this year," said Hayes. "They work hard as a team so that they can perform well on stage." 

"We are not the largest district in the area but we have proven that we are able to compete with much bigger schools and show how great our music department is," Hayes added. 

"Our students are beginning to believe in themselves and the idea that good work habits and determination will make any goal obtainable. Their performance makes me say I’m proud to be from Pottstown.”

Members of the jazz band include:
The "Best Trumpet Section" with their award from
the Arcola jazz competition.

• Saxes: Shane Duncan, Evan DeBlase, Hannah Shankle, London Aquino, Rashell Williams, Avery Heverly, Destyn Snyder

• Trumpets: Mitchell Aquino, Will Minnick, AJ Ecker, Kiersten Heverly, Jonathan Brusk

• Trombones: Caitlin McLaughlin, Julian Weber, Manny Paez, Ross Mather

• Rhythm Section: Gabe Francis, Dylan Thorne, Nick Wilson, Harrison Wolf, Madison Overholt, Claire Fetterman

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