Friday, May 23, 2014

Being Strong in Body and Mind

Bud Jeffries holds Sharon Wagner up on his stomach.
Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District

Students at Rupert Elementary School learned that reading and being considerate of other people can help them become a stronger and better person.

 That was the message they heard at an assembly that featured “Strong Man” Bud Jeffries. 

 Jeffries impressed the students with some incredible feats of strength such as bending steel spikes and lifting teacher Laurie Gresko over his head. 

He pointed out to the students that as strong as he may be they also could become outstanding people by being strong both inside and out. 

He reinforced for them that reading was fun and told them that he enjoys reading every day.  
He wowed the students when he tore a deck of playing cards in half while teacher Shannon Wagner was standing on his stomach.

Jeffries message to the students was that bullying is wrong and that it is everyone’s job to stand up to and report bullies. 

 He said, “While you all think that I am physically strong it is much more important to be strong in your heart and your mind. Each one of you has the ability to be an outstanding person if you apply yourself and believe in yourself.”

“Bud’s feats of strength were amazing, but more importantly his message to our students was to be strong on the inside and value yourself as a person and respect others. I am sure that our students got his message today,” said Principal Matt Moyer.

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